A bed and two square meals

For the last couple of weeks, Andreas and I have been planning our route in more detail. As this is going to be a tour with little baggage, it was important to find places to stay with a (hopefully comfortable) bed or two, and the offer of dinner and breakfast.

We started by looking at the roads we would like to take and guessing at the distance we think we can manage, then searched the Internet for a hotel or a cabin at about the right spot. This principle worked pretty well for the majority of days, but let us down a couple of times, especially North of Trondheim where the population (and hotel) density is lower.

There was one section where we had to reroute twice, the Namsen valley from Namsos to far upriver was completely booked out for the last weekend in August, probably because it is the last weekend of the salmon fishing season and the river extremely popular with anglers.

We had found one place, Sjósiden Kro & Motell, which looked promising but was very slow in responding to any messages. In the end, it turned out that they decided to give up their business altogether, and we were “stranded” in the middle of nowhere with no place to stay.

Luckily, a combination of google maps and booking.com came to the rescue again and we found a farm and guesthouse that had a vacancy for the night, not far from where we had originally planned to cycle and had already failed to find accommodation. There must have been a cancellation, I think. Suits us!

We now have a pretty firm plan where to go and stay, but almost all of the hotels and cabins have a late cancellation policy, so if things don’t go to plan we may be able to make last minute changes. If anything goes wrong, though, it won’t be for lack of rest or food, I think that’s a good start!