Part 2 – June/July 2019

It’s that time already – the bags are packed, the tandem serviced, flights booked, route planned, hotels organised. The second time round, this felt a lot easier, we were more confident as we had a better idea what was expecting us. (We think.)

The routes (subject to changes on the day according to wind and weather) are here:

I am flying out to Mo on Saturday 15th June, and we’ll hit the ground running with a planned start early on Sunday morning. 105 km from Mo i Rana to the Saltfjell Hotel, just across the Arctic circle.

Yes, we’ll cross into the land of 24-hour daylight on our first ride – and the sun won’t set on us two intrepid travellers until we get back to Mo nearly three weeks later. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re not going to sleep… I bought myself a sleep mask, just in case the curtains aren’t thick enough in our hotel rooms.